A unique event, the international experiential conference titled “World of Synergy: Inclusive Leadership”, will be held between 14 and 17 March 2019, in the exceptional environment of Terme Olimia Spa. An independently organized event is being prepared by individuals who strive for the same goal – to achieve more balance in the world. The main theme of the international leadership conference is to restore souls, vitality and original purpose to organizations, businesses and communities.

The World of Synergy Experiential Conference (hereinafter WoS) offers a unique and sensory experience of compliance with each other, with individuals and something bigger – it offers a platform for wise decisions that will work for the benefit of the human, organization, business and our planet. With carefully selected domestic and foreign lecturers, the participants will listen to stories that already bring the quality of equilibrium to the world and show how can success work for the benefit of everyone involved. The chosen location of the event, Terme Olimia, is not as random as anyone would think. The aim of the conference is thus to incorporate the strength of the home environment and the power of nature for a deeper connectivity between individuals.


The conference is intended for all individuals, organizations and teams who are aware that the way they currently operate, the system in which they live, simply no longer works. Inclusive leadership is a multidimensional or integrated leadership, since it includes the body, the spirit and the soul – at the individual and organizational level. It is based on values ​​such as equality, diversity, curiosity, authenticity, and strives to strike a balance between the female and male principles. It acts as a bridge between generations, where questions are more important than answers, and everyone is considered a leader.

Through the successful stories, the use of various tools and other practical models that can help us and guide us on the way to asking better questions to ourselves and others, the conference will present and encourage participants to (use) the inclusive leadership.

An independently organized event is driven by individuals who believe that the time has come for wiser decisions, for systemic changes that will lead us towards a better and happier society. For the world of synergy, inclusive leadership is the key that can address current challenges in various segments such as politics, the economy, education, culture, and the spiritual system in a way that individuals open up synergies of potentials and step into a heart centered way of being and doing. The WoS initiative team strives for a common goal, finding a new balance and creating a new experiential field to move into a new, conscious leadership.

The conference is prepared by Nika Močnik (Executive Event Organizer, organizer and coordinator), Andreja Cepuš (ENVIR Connecting Agency, Initiator & Programme Coordinator), Tanja Tamše (Lincoln Island Initiatives, Organizer & Programme Board) and mag. Sonja Klopčič (MANAGEMENT, Counseling and Development, WoS Programme Board), Sabina Špitalar (Event Organizer, Organizer & Programme Board), mag. Marjeta Novak (HUMUS, Programme Board and Programme Design), Timotej Šooš (Government of the Republic of Slovenia, WoS Programme Board), Ina Kukovič Borovnik (BELAVODA, WoS Programme Board), Matej Delakorda (INVITES, moderator, WoS Programme Board) and Urška Bratkovič (Association of Campers of Slovenia, WoS Programme Board).

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