World of Synergy conference experience 2019 inclusive leadership

Join us for a unique 2-day conference in inclusive leadership – a vibrant blend of inspiring speakers and real-time leadership practices. No spectators, everybody in.

Step into new leadership paradigms. Embody new leadership skills and competences for business and private life. Connect with inspiring, cutting-edge leaders.

March, 14th – 16th 2019

Step into the future of leadership with our amazing speakers.

Violeta Bulc

Violeta Bulc

European Commissioner for Transport

European Comission

Iza Login

Iza Login


Login5 Foundation

Mihela Hladin Wolfe

Mihela Hladin Wolfe

Director of Environmental Initiatives for EMEA at Patagonia

Jonathan Cave

Jonathan Cave

Founder & CEO

MyPhilosophy SA

Klemen Štruc

Klemen Štruc

CEO & Co-Founder

Soulvana by Mindvalley

Juan García-Herreros

Juan García-Herreros

Artist, Composer, Producer, Label Director

Snow Owl

Maud Raber

Maud Raber

MPA, Executive embodiment coach & facilitator


The leadership of tomorrow is about taking purposeful, bold and innovative actions in a world that is changing, challenging, complex, and unpredictable.

We are in this together: honing our courage, knowledge and action. This is WHY the conference is called World of synergy.


A unique combination of inspiring (TED-like) storytelling, skillbuilding for leading in complexity, embodied leadership practices, and collective co-learning. With real-time support of expert facilitators and trainers.


We will create a powerful co-learning experience by:

  • Listening to cutting-edge leadership stories from business, science, and art
  • Providing intentional time and space for integrating key insights from speaker’s stories – so that you leave with concrete tools and techniques, and not just a blur of ideas
  • Expanding your zone of comfort with embodied leadership practices
  • Challenging your current perspectives and assumptions as to what it takes to be a leader
  • Experiencing and co-learning participatory dialogue techniques that are easily transferable to your work and home
  • Using the power of community for real-time leadership case clinic
  • Inspiring, lightly facilitated breaks for maximal networking potential
    Being hosted, nurtured, and nudged an all levels – from food for thought, to food for body and soul


We are calling out to:

  • Leaders, Group & Team leaders
  • HR professionals, talent seekers and talent development specialists
  • Trainers, facilitators, mentors, teachers
  • Change makers from any field
  • Connectors interested in power of group dynamics and synergy
  • Artist, dancers who are exploring leadership through the body
  • Curious minds interested in inclusive leadership and collaboration


An added value and priority of Terme Olimia is the fact that we will be hosted in the middle of green, unspoiled nature. Highly energetic spot will include the key element of wholeness into our 2-day conference experience. And will inspire a true Inclusive Leadership.



World of Synergy

Early bird fee
220€+VATDecember 1st – Januar 20th 2019
The price includes
  • Thursday:
  • - Fiery opening and party
  • Friday (Conference day 1):
  • - All conference events
  • - 2x coffee break
  • - 1x lunch break
  • - evening “Walk of senses”
  • Saturday (Conference day 2):
  • - All conference events
  • - 2x coffee break
  • - 1x lunch break
  • - “Celebration of life ceremony”
  • - After party