Only a few days until a unique 2-day conference in inclusive leadership – a vibrant blend of inspiring speakers and real-time leadership practices. 

Did you know that:
* we are less than a week away into new leadership paradigms?
* we will explore how to step out of ‘I’ to ‘We’ and to how to strengthen the energy of Synergy between us?
* whole three-day program is OUT. You can find it here


Synergistic opening of the conference

You’re excited because we’re planning a grand opening of the conference into idyllic environment of Terme Olimia, Hotel Sotelia, in Podčetrtek, on Thursday, March 14, 2019. 


We are expecting you
From 18.45 until 19.00: Registration
At 19.00:  Synergistic opening of the conference: a step towards better society and wiser decision-making
From 20.00: Connecting by highly vibrant snacks and drinks

All gathered will be addressed by Andreja Cepuš, initiator and program coordinator of the conference. Everyone will be able to gain insight into the vibrant combination of inspiring speakers and leadership practices and methods that will follow in the next two conference days.

Excellent artist will co-create the synergy with us in this evening:
Gea Erjavec, performer & choreographer,
Tjaša Cepuš, sound alchemist,
Neža Zagoričnik, violinist
Juan García-Herreros, artist, composer, producer, Grammy nominee for best Latino jazz album.


We look forward to co-creating synergy with you!