Meet the Team

We are individuals, connected by a pull of natural force to co-create something new together.

Each one of us is working on its unique field of expertise but we all carry the same vision: to bring more balance to the world.

We are curious about the new paradigm of collaboration, connectivity and leadership. We want to invite more wisdom to action in our society. That is why we joined our energy to co-create World of Synergy.

Oh, and we all Love Slovenia. We feel our pristine natural environment is perfect for planting the seed and supporting our quest into global inclusive leadership story.

Our vision: The event, that is an intensive, so much more than a conference, is providing you the experience of harmonic collaboration, which activates the capacity of connection and wiser decision making within each participant. Decisions coming from a place of deeper connection with oneself, with others and something bigger than us are contributing to shift from force to power.

This is the way of creating the synergy in the world!

Nika Močnik

WOS Co-Creator

If one would need to describe Nika Močnik only in one sentence, it would be an enthusiastic organizer of business events with the passion for entrepreneurship. She is always accompanied by the smile on her face, great enthusiasm and a great love for her everyday challenges. (read more ... )

Nika is the heart and the soul of the Eventnika company, who knows what the word top-notch truly means in the world of the event management and event planning. Her approach is relaxed, creative and innovative while acquiring an eye of an eagle to notice every single detail, which would not even cross one’s mind. While building trustworthy and reliable relationships with clients and partners she knows that the flawless execution of the project is the only thing that matters by the end of the day, to stand behind the top-notch events. Every challenge is accepted and the impossible becomes possible with Eventnika.

»I believe that synergy is among us in everything: in our bodies as feminine and masculine energy, in work as the knowledge from the wiser, older people and new innovative ideas from young entrepreneurs and in our everyday lives as work-life balance. I wish for others to also find synergy in their lives and World of Synergy conference gives me an opportunity how to spread this idea among others.«

Sonja Klopčič

WOS Co-Creator

Sonja Klopčič has gained valuable experience in a variety of organizations at different stages of their life cycles, from inception, rapid growth, and transformation, to crisis and even resurgence. She believes that everyone can be a leader if they work responsibly and passionately, in accordance with their values and for the good of the community. (read more ... )

She has worked as a president of the board, CEO and general manager. Now she is an independent developer of leadership for a new era. With her knowledge, experience and exploring of new paths, she would like to encourage and support employees in various organizations to appreciate their own potential and take responsibility for their own development, strengthen entrepreneurial thinking, to be innovative, collaborate with trust and evolve leadership. 

»My mission is to provide impetus for change and pave new ways by seeking fairnes for all. That is why I am co-creating the World of Synergy.«

»Even the process of preparing WOS conference is the unique experience of connection, collaboration and co-creation. I trust this conference will support and empower the synergy between us and thus contribute to balance and more holistic approach toward designing our future.«

Marjeta Novak

WOS Co-Creator

Marjeta Novak creates processes in which people dialogue with/from what truly matters to them, to create bolder and more life-affirming futures for organisations, communities and themselves. (read more ... )

For the past 15 years, she has worked as a process specialist, facilitator, host and dialogue trainer in a range of settings – from complex multi-stakeholder dialogues to organizational development to personal visioning retreats.

»Such experiential events are opportunities to grow personal and collective courage together, to transform lifeless organizational structures into places where people thrive, and co-create wise decisions that benefit people, purpose, profit and planet.

I love witnessing people regaining hope in what else is possible when we wholeheartedly connect around what deeply matters to us.«

Ina Kukovič Borovnik

WOS Co-Creator

Ina is a lover of nature, yoga teacher, MBA scholar, mother, entrepreneur, a lawyer and a passionate Slovenian. She is the founder of BELAVODA - an UN-CONSULTING company that like water, has more than one shape. It is a special blend of an education, coaching, facilitation and consulting company.The name stands for WHITE WATER in Slovenian, a small village under a volcano.

» Co-creating WOS confluence is a living experience of how we need to respond and find a different way for a form that used to make sense. This is a very important time we are living in, the next decade is probably bringing more fundamental changes that we can imagine. This is a different world we are entering, lets go into it differently.«

Matej Delakorda

WOS Co-Creator

A trainer/facilitator hybrid and learning experience designer who deeply believes that an internal (personal) transformations can lead to key changes in society. He believes that authenticity, vulnerability, and courage are the strongest forces when it comes to group work, facilitation and dealing with change. (read more ... )

His mission is to create and support experiential learning spaces, where people can experience themselves as changemakers.
Currently, he is working as a trainer and consultant for Grow Group and his own company NAVAJO. He is also an Argentine tango dancer exploring leadership and connection also through movement and dance.

»I believe personal synergy leads to wider social synergy which is very much needed today. Trough accepting our own shadows, being realistic, courageous and kind to ourselves and people around us. Synergy is one of the most sustainable ways to use our energy.«

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WOS Co-Creator

A curious human being that....

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  • Online access to 5 interactive dialogues (that you are able to co-create) on Thursday, October 8th and Friday, October 9th
  • Although most of the participation is online you will get an offline experience, brought to you by our amazing facilitators. Be ready to go outside and away from the screens!

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