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Online sessions

Building up our ability to respond – one online session at a time. 

We believe this is the time when we connect and learn together differently. This is the time to be able to respond better, and the scope of our challenges is telling us – we can’t do it alone.

We are inviting every person that wants to discover, create and expand their RESPONSE-ABILITY to join us. 

These sessions are FREE for everybody, as we believe that we all need the knowledge to be able to respond with courage and capacity to all the changes and challenges that are happening right now.


The crisis we are facing right now is just one of the many lined up. It is a chance to start a different conversation and start experimenting with new forms as a collective, not individually. This is how WoS is responding to all the changes currently happening.


In these online sessions you will experience a process that has been proven to be a very powerful approach in finding and empowering new forms of being and working together, as individuals and as a collective. It feels very simple and common sense: we will hold multiple dialogs, in multiple short timed sessions with specific questions set-list. You will see how little time we really need to listen, connect and find better ways to be and do together.

What do you need to know? 

Nothing really, just show up and log into the Zoom link that you will receive via email (don’t forget to subscribe). It is best if you are online at least 5 minutes before the start of each session. Get yourself comfortable, in a quiet room or corner with a cup of tea, coffee, water or whatever suits your body and it makes you feel nourished at the time. We will guide you through the rest. Every family member that you are spending time with right now is welcomed to join!

Let’s meet online and grow our leadership capacity and response-ability together.

WOS 2020 series vol.1 

powered by Beyond Leadership and its initiator Patrick D. Cowden

March 26th 2020 on Zoom link at 18.00 CEST – 21.00 CEST

Patrick D. Cowden, The initiator of Beyond Leadership.                       

In this interactive online session, the participants will examine their own assumptions and understand their behavior through engaging activities, insightful one-on-one conversations, and practical self-assessment. The whole session will take place on Zoom where your presence via camera will be necessary because of the nature of our virtual interactive activities.

Leading with a Spark of Enthusiasm! A wanderer between the worlds: Patrick D. Cowden, an American, has held various management positions at international companies in Germany for more than 25 years.

As a hands-on person, Patrick D. Cowden is quite familiar with the challenges and opportunities of the German management culture in global comparison. The unconventional manager, entrepreneur, author and lecturer at renowned universities (University of St. Gallen, Mannheim Business School, among others) exudes the enthusiastic energy and charisma of an American entertainer when he presents his ideas of great leadership. There is hardly a manager with more experience in so many company divisions.

About the Beyond Flow: It enhances teams ability to act in concert across hierarchies, functions and organizational boundaries. It instills clarity, focus, speed and quality into everything they do. The impact is immediate and the effects ripple throughout the organization and build a significant amount of impetus and momentum to accomplish the mission in highest quality. The effects observed wherever the flow has been put into play are game-changers for those organizations that have the courage to change the game and fundamentally redefine how their teams work together.

WOS 2020 series vol.2:

Contagious courage in the time of collective vulnerability

powered by Katarina Veselko, Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator.

April 15th 2020 on Zoom link at 18.00 CET – 20.00 CET 

Katarina Veselko, Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator.

Now more than ever, we need courageous cultures and brave leaders to address the challenges we are all facing. This is a time of extreme collective vulnerability - and most of us aren't our best selves when vulnerable. Our default when we're afraid and uncertain is to grab our armour and keep our defenses up. We enter fight, flight or freeze mode and do our best to self-protect.

You will be invited to choose another, more courageous response to the vulnerability we find ourselves in: calm, connection and courage. What comes in the way of being brave isn’t fear – it’s armour. To become braver, we must first debunk some of the vulnerability myths we’ve been raised to believe in, and embrace the suck of being vulnerable to be able to find the magic in this exquisite experience of being human. Only then can we start to unlock the great potential for courage this situation brings.

And remember – courage is contagious. Let’s spread a different kind of pandemics!

Katarina Veselko desires to support genuine change in people, teams and organizations. She works as psychologist, facilitator, trainer and coach in O. K. Consulting. 

More information about further sessions will follow soon.

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  • Wednesday, October 7th: Entrance fee to the powerful deep dive into the HeArt(h) of Response-ability;
  • Thursday,  October 8th: Entrance fee to Conference day 1, 2 coffee breaks and 1 lunch break, Special evening event;
  • Friday, October 9th: Entrance fee to Conference day 2, 2 coffee breaks and 1 lunch break, Response-Able Celebration Party.


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We strongly believe that at the time of crisis we need to practice our ability to respond, so we created a very special FREE online session with one of our speakers - Katarina Veselko, Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator. Now more than ever, we need courageous cultures and brave leaders to address the challenges we are all facing. This is a time of extreme collective vulnerability - and most of us aren't our best selves when vulnerable.

It will happen ONLINE on Wednesday, April 15th 2020, from 6pm onwards. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive all the necessary information about the session.

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