“The World does not consist of contradictions but endless shades of diversity. Only active citizens can help to change the community and the state for the better,” we heard from the speech at the beginning of the 60th anniversary celebration of DELO, the biggest Slovenian newspaper. These thoughts greatly reflect the idea of the unique experiential conference World of Synergy.

The first DELO’s slogan 60 years ago was “Workers from all countries, unite!” This year DELO introduced a new slogan: “Knowing more means having power.” Both slogans describe their times extremely well. And the newspaper is indeed a description of time.

I am pleased that the breakthrough conference World of Synergy has already found its place in the description of time. The enthusiastic team, organizing the conference, is aware of the importance of connecting people with knowledge and inner strength. We hope that on 14 March, on the International PI-day and on the 140th anniversary of the birth of Albert Einstein, many advanced thinkers, engaged in the co-creation of a better world, the world of synergies, will gather at the conference. It is well known that Einstein’s formula E = mc2 can also be read as follows: energy is equal to the number of people multiplied by the square of their awareness.

Check the conference programme on co-creating inclusive leadership and hurry up with registration at https://www.worldofsynergy.com/tickets/.

We have also prepared a package offer and if you would like to synchronize your team at the conference, please write to info@worldofsynergy.com to tailor the package to you.