We are less than 4 days away from the conference the World of Synergy: inclusive leadership – a vibrant blend of inspiring speakers and real-time leadership practices.

We have some exciting things »in store« and cannot wait to share them with you. We have prepared a special Sensory path for you.

Senses allow us to understand our surroundings and whether we are well placed in it, being safe and comfortable. Sensory responses may, however, be distorted by stress and pressures of every day working-life, dealing with demanding careers, and even our emotional patterns. By sharpening our senses, we may learn to effectively ground ourselves, to manage stress levels and to improve our responses in challenging situations.

We invite you to join the WoS Sensory Trail on Friday evening, and to experience lessons of leadership and synergy with others and nature in an alternative way, for example, by balancing weight and dance-leading techniques of the Argentinian tango, an aromatherapy session, a crystal bowl concert and a stress-balancing sound lounge. Sharpen your primal senses in tactility, taste playgrounds and experience a boxer’s perspective on strength through a short film.

Allow yourself this out-of-the box experience and you may be surprised by a solidified inner balance as well as awakened creativity, energy and might you may build during the process.

Last, but not least, dress comfortably. Do not say we did not warn you! 😉

The Sensory path is facilitated by Nana Šumrada Slavnič.