Learning lab for navigating present complexity

Join us for a unique 2-day leadership conference – a vibrant blend of inspiring speakers and real-time leadership practices. No spectators, everybody in.

Respond to opportunities with courage and capacity. Know as a leader when to step in, and when to let others shine. Expand your leadership paradigms. Connect with inspiring, cutting-edge leaders from all walks of life.

March, 25th – 27th 2020

RESPONSE - ability:

take a step back and observe yourself in order to see others. Slow down and listen to your (gut) feelings. Instead of reacting, choose to response. Be vulnerable and caring. Take the trip from ego to self. Befriend uncertainty. Embrace wholeness. Never stop trying.

Confirmed speakers …

Jurij Krpan

Jurij Krpan

Engineer and architect, running and managing Galerija Kapelica in Ljubljana from 1995.



Platform for talent sharing between companies.

Jeremy Lent

Jeremy Lent

Author and founder of the nonprofit Liology Institute

Vijay Bhat

Vijay Bhat

Founder of Cancer Awakens, co-author of 'My Cancer Is Me'.

Nilima Bhat

Nilima Bhat

Founder of Shakti Fellowship, co-author of 'Shakti Leadership', co-author of 'My Cancer Is Me'

Patrick D. Cowden

Patrick D. Cowden

Patrick Cowden, the initiator of Beyond Leadership

Juan García-Herreros

Juan García-Herreros

Artist, Composer, Producer, Label Director

Snow Owl

Milan Hosta

Milan Hosta

Founder of TEDU, Body and Mind Institute

Dr. Nina Meyerhof

Dr. Nina Meyerhof

Co-Founder and founder

One Humanity Institute, Children of the Earth

World of Synergy: Inclusive Leadership 2019 video highlights


The leadership of tomorrow is about taking responsible, purposeful, and innovative actions in a world that is changing, challenging, complex, and unpredictable.Learn how to surf on the waves of chaos and build your capacity for sustainable success.


We are in this together: honing our courage, responsiveness, and action. This is why 2020 World of Synergy conference is titled Response-ability.


A unique combination of inspiring (TED-like) storytelling, skill-building for leading in complexity, embodied leadership practices, and collective co-learning. With real-time support of expert facilitators and trainers on site. An electronic handbook to take away; as memory keeper and skill-building reminder.


We will create a powerful co-learning experience by:

  • Listening to cutting-edge leadership stories from business, communities, science, and art.
  • Providing intentional time and space for integrating key insights from speakers’ stories – so that you leave with concrete tools and techniques; not just with a blur of ideas.
  • Re-inventing ‘growth’, ‘success’, and ‘leadership role’ in times of increased interdependence, complexity and change.
  • Aligning our compasses towards inspiring, sustainable future(s).
  • Expanding your zone of comfort with embodied leadership practices.
  • Challenging your current perspectives and assumptions as to what it takes to be a leader.
  • Building capacity for participatory leadership – easily transferable to your work and home.
  • Capitalising on the power of community in real-time leadership case clinic.
  • Enjoying lightly facilitated breaks for maximal networking potential.
  • Being hosted, nurtured, and nudged an all levels – from food for thought, to food for body and soul.


We are calling out to:

  • C-level leaders
  • Group & Team leaders
  • Visionaries from all walks of life
  • HR professionals, talent seekers and talent development specialists
  • Trainers, facilitators, mentors, teachers
  • Changemakers from any field
  • Activists seeking new leverage points for greater impact
  • Connectors interested in power of group dynamics and synergy
  • Artists exploring leadership through all senses
  • Curious minds interested in next-stage leadership and collaboration
  • All that prefer to set the trends instead of staying a follower


We envisage this conference as a collective spa for the mind, body and soul – held in one of Slovenia’s primary wellness centers. Nested amidst woods, this hand-picked location inspires us to learn directly from nature, with nature, and literally in nature.

Our companies and organisations are in their essence living, vibrant, dynamic organisms that – like nature – thrive most on diversity and exchange. This conference is designed to help us get there.

Terme Olimia Slovenija is the venue of World of Synergy 2019 conference

Check out the December gift package options

December is the gift-giving month and special time of the year when we reflect on the past and tune-in to connect to the possible future. If you feel you would like to co-create the future with us or you know some people who would love to do that by joining the WOS conferce, hare are some special gift packages for you.



World of Synergy



  • Entrance fee to the opening reception

Thursday (Conference day 1)

  • All conference events
  • 2x coffee break
  • 1x lunch break
  • Evening event

Friday (Conference day 2)

  • All conference events
  • 2x coffee break
  • 1x lunch break