for navigating positive change

Join us for a unique 2-day conference in inclusive leadership – a vibrant blend of inspiring speakers and real-time leadership practices. No spectators, everybody in.

Respond to opportunities with courage and capacity. Know as a leader when to step in, and when to let others shine.

March, 26th – 27th 2020

World of Synergy: Inclusive Leadership 2019 video highlights


The leadership of tomorrow is about taking responsible, purposeful, and innovative actions in a world that is changing, challenging, complex, and unpredictable. Learn how to surf on the waves of chaos and build your capacity for a sustainable success.


We are in this together: honing our courage, responsiveness, and action. This is why 2020 World of Synergy conference is titled Response-ability.



A unique combination of inspiring (TED-like) storytelling, skill-building for leading in complexity, embodied leadership practices, and collective co-learning. With real-time support of expert facilitators and trainers on site. An electronic handbook to take away; as memory keeper and skill-building reminder.


We will create a powerful co-learning experience by:

  • Listening to cutting-edge leadership stories from business, science, and art
  • Providing intentional time and space for integrating key insights from speaker’s stories – so that you leave with concrete tools and techniques, and not just a blur of ideas
  • Expanding your zone of comfort with embodied leadership practices
  • Challenging your current perspectives and assumptions as to what it takes to be a leader
  • Experiencing and co-learning participatory dialogue techniques that are easily transferable to your work and home
  • Using the power of community for real-time leadership case clinic
  • Inspiring, lightly facilitated breaks for maximal networking potential
    Being hosted, nurtured, and nudged an all levels – from food for thought, to food for body and soul


We are calling out to:

  • Leaders, Group & Team leaders
  • HR professionals, talent seekers and talent development specialists
  • Trainers, facilitators, mentors, teachers
  • Change makers from any field
  • Connectors interested in power of group dynamics and synergy
  • Artist, dancers who are exploring leadership through the body
  • Curious minds interested in inclusive leadership and collaboration


World of Synergy

Early bird fee
220€+VATDecember 1st – Januar 20th 2020
The price includes
  • Thursday:
  • - Fiery opening and party
  • Friday (Conference day 1):
  • - All conference events
  • - 2x coffee break
  • - 1x lunch break
  • - evening “Walk of senses”
  • Saturday (Conference day 2):
  • - All conference events
  • - 2x coffee break
  • - 1x lunch break
  • - “Celebration of life ceremony”
  • - After party